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Three National Authoritative Departments and China Association of Auctioneers jointly issued the 2014 Auction Market Statistics -- China Guardian Delivered Satisfactory Results

Recently, China Association of Auctioneers has issued the 2014 Annual Statistical Report on Chinese Cultural Relics and Artwork Auction Market, jointly with the Department of Circulation Industry Development under the Ministry of Commerce, Cultural Market Division of the Ministry of Culture and Museum and Artifacts Department under the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. China Guardian ranks first place in 9 statistics, in 7 of which, China Guardian has been ranking the first for 4 consecutive years, ever since the China Association of Auctioneers issued this annual report.


China Guardian 2014 Spring Auctions


According to the 2014 Annual Statistical Report on the Auction Market for Cultural Relics and Artworks in China, China Guardian ranks first in 9 indexes, including ‘Received Auction Payments’, ‘Received Commission’, ‘Corporate Business Tax’, ‘Corporate Income Tax’, ‘Total Corporate Tax’, ‘Chain of Industry Contribution’, ‘Core Business Profit’, ‘Corporate Labor Efficiency’, and ‘Settlement for Auction Items over RMB 10 Million’.


In particular, in 7 of these indexes, including ‘Received Auction Payments’, ‘Received Commission’, ‘Corporate Business Tax’, ‘Corporate Income Tax’, ‘Total Corporate Tax’, ‘Core Business Profit’ and ‘Corporate Labor Efficiency’, China Guardian has ranked first for 4 consecutive years since CAA first released this Annual Statistical Report on the Auction Market for Cultural Relics and Artworks in China.


Huang Zhou

Soldier in Plateau

Price Realized:RMB 38,870,000

China Guardian 2014 Autumn Auctions


‘Received Auction Payments’ is a crucial index reflecting the quantity of successful transaction of an auction company, which is highly related to the market concerned total transaction figure. Not only symbolic to reflect the overall market trend, it also reflects the auction company’s general performance.


‘Corporate Business Tax’, ‘Corporate Income Tax’ and ‘Total Corporate Tax’ are three indexes to evaluate the contribution an auction company has made to society.


China Guardian Hong Kong 2014 Autumn Auctions


‘Settlement for Auction Items over RMB 10 Million’ is an important index to reflect the capability of an auction company, to realize transaction and settlement of top-notch auction items. In 2014, China Guardian successfully finalized transactions for 46 auction items at a single-item price of over RMB 10 million.


Judging from the above statistics, we can see that China Guardian has delivered very satisfactory results. We at China Guardian would like to express our gratefulness to our clients and friends, for their great support and assistance.


China Guardian 2014 Autumn Auctions' Lecture


This report was jointly formulated by China Association of Auctioneers, with three other partners, and academic support from the Art Market Monitor of ARTRON (AMMA).


This report contains surveys of all 396 enterprises with qualifications for auction of cultural relics in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) by December 31st, 2014. With analyzed data from operation and auction for cultural relics and artworks incurred during the period from January 1st, 2014 to December 31st, 2014, the results with indexes are extremely valuable to the auction market. The indexes may also serve as a guidance to further development in the auction market.


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